In Awe of who God is!

I woke up this morning feeling so in awe of who God is.  Even though I feel like I do know Him and recognize how holy and worthy He is, sometimes it’s like Holy Spirit comes and nudges my entire being.  It’s actually something unexplainable.  All I find myself doing is expressing in words and song His character as God and my Father.

“Who can compare to you Lord?.  You are awesome and majestic!  You are great and mighty! You perform wonders that we cannot fathom!  You are loving and kind to all! How excellent are your deeds, oh God!  Creation praise you for there is none like you!  My rock, my shield, and my hiding place!  God I love you! I am yours and you are mine! Amen!”

I so enjoy reading the declaration of praise by the Israelites when God delivered them from the Egyptians at the Red Sea. Take some time and read it and see how many amazing attributes they ascribed to God – Exodus 15: 1 – 18.  It will bless you richly.  I counted at least 15 character traits describing who God is. Be blessed!

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